FireBoy and WaterGirl


FireBoy and WaterGirl

Basic information of the FireBoy and WaterGirl game:

FireBoy and WaterGirl is one of the latest attractive platform games with many wonderful missions and even gifts. Besides, you will play with two characters at the same time, so you can improve your reflexes skills. Otherwise, you can also play with your friends. This game is created to play well on both desktop and mobile as long as your internet connection is stable.

The player will take control of both fire boy and water girl and make them finish the missions together. There are so many obstacles on the way, and you have to lead them to come over these challenges carefully to finish each level. 

The game with amazing rules and interesting challenges:

You are in the mysterious jungle with plenty of value rewards waiting ahead. The fire boy and water girl will start at a different location. Guide them to go to the end of the road and reach the doors to complete each level. The fire boy needs to reach the red door to unlock it and the water girl has to unlock the blue door. In order to do that, the players should make a wise plan for the characters to work together so that they can come across all the objects and dangerous traps.

The characteristics of each character:

The Fireboy: he is the person with the red body and he can walk easily in pools of boiling lava. However, he is really scared of water so that you need to let him jump over the water without touching it. Otherwise, he dies and the game is over. Besides, remember to collect the red diamonds on the way.

The Watergirl: she is the character with the blue color. She is different from the fire boy by being able to step freely in the pools of water but she will die if falling into the pools of lava. Then, you lose the game. In addition, don’t forget to pick the beautiful blue diamonds in front of you.

Fireboy and Watergirl have to be careful with all other pools with green or black color on the road because they can kill them all. Therefore, you need to keep both of them save and when each of the characters go on death, the game ends.  Moreover, you can see many other barriers but you can come over it by jumping or pressing the buttons on the ground.

Levels and missions:

Fireboy and Watergirl Unblocked has totally 32 levels for the players to conquer with 3 types: Triangular diamond levels, hexagonal diamond levels, and pentagonal diamond levels. The mission of each level is different:

Triangular diamond levels: 6 levels, the games need to collect all the green diamonds before going to the exit doors. There is no time limitation.

Hexagonal diamond levels: 17 levels, players have to grab all the diamonds and run to the exit doors as fast as possible.

Pentagonal diamond levels: The main task is the same as other types but you need to move both the fire boy and water girl simultaneously.

Gamers must complete all the levels one by one to unlock the next level.

How to play:

Control the Watergirl with the W-A-S-D keys.

Control the Fireboy with the Arrow keys.

Useful tips:

Turn on/off the music by pressing the speaker icon on the top of the screen.

Read the constructions on the road to go through obstacles.

Fireboy and Watergirl Unblocked

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FireBoy and WaterGirl Play Game:


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